Rehearsing with Cydney (Kim).
Reading the script together.
"Oh, Romeo, Romeo!".

That's an interesting look, Dan.

Striptease courtesy of Jesus.

Wayne (Jack) and Cydney rehearsing one of the key actions.
Rose (the Girl), waiting and waiting.

Clothing test for Rosaleen Maguire.

The Three Musketeers.

Justin Lee taking pictures at the set.

Yone Santana, our DOP at the greenscreen set. Siwan Hill making Wayne look even better.

Mónica Verdú filming the filmmakers.

Wayne, go that way, I'll go the other way.

I told you we shouldn't have brought the PS2.

And... action!

Dan Matley and Jesús Diez, co-directors, co-writers, co-producers. Don't forget to press REC, Dan.

Paul and Wayne rehearsing their scene.

An intense moment.

Wayne and Cydney making fun of... Dan?

Jesús Diez, Jenny Wan and Dan Matley.

Anybody knows what shot goes next?

Wayne and Cydney in action.

Mónica Verdú guessing how much is left.

Preparing a Dolly shot.

Jenny Wan recording Paul's voice...

... and Daniel Barker recording Wayne's.

Family picture on second day shooting.

Two gorgeous women on set.

The Directors with the actresses.

Preparing a take on third day shooting.

Lonely woman in London streets.

The woman in red.

Rose about to start her take.

A little dance by Cydney.