Cast & Crew

It's been a long and beautiful journey to finish the movie, with wonderful actors and a very professional crew. We'd like to give a thunderous applause to all the people who made "In A Dream" possible.

The Filmmakers

Jesús Diez and Dan Matley are the parents of the baby. Dan is a VFX Producer and Jesús a Digital Compositor and Programmer. They met while working together at Method Studios in London. They are both credited as writers, directors and producers but besides that, Jesús took care of the visual effects and Dan edited and graded the film.
Jesús Diez Pérez has a mixture of technical and artistic background, and a passion for filmmaking. Specialized in visual effects he helped make the effects in many short and feature films, known worlwide, such as "Cloud Atlas", "Seven Psycopaths", "300: Rise of an Empire" and many others. He currently works as a digital compositor and also as a programmer. Besides that, he writes scripts and stories, makes short films, draw comics and a lot more. He's working on the script of his first feature film.
Más información: Jesús' IMDB page.
Dan Matley started to make his own short films on a shoestring during his time at Brockenhurst College in Hampshire. He graduated from Aberystwyth University in 2007 with an 9 minute animation which had a brief festival run. He now lives in London, working as a VFX Producer on movies such as Seven Psychopaths, Into The Storm and The Monuments Men.
Más información: Dan's IMDB page.


The Actors

Wayne Reid plays Jack, a man who once felt he had it all. A two-time lottery winner who has kept his secrets to himself. Years later, Jack is a down and out loser who pays for companionship. Somewhere in his life, he made the wrong decision.

Wayne is currently appearing as Agamemnon in "Iphigenia in Aulis" at the Brockley Jack Theatre.

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Cydney Denton plays Kim, Jack's personal escort. Also the lucky person who Jack invites into his secret. Or is Jack the fortunate one for doing so?

Cydney is a  strong! sassy! gregarious actress,  performed at  WOW Women of the World Festival in 2013 at London Southbank, playing Meg in "Hours Till Midnight", play written by award winner Sonya Hale. Also just finished TV pilot Comedy Sitcom "Help Yourselves". She often pushes herself beyond her comfort Zone as she has found that adventure usually begins at this point.
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Rosaleen Maguire plays the girl of Jack's dreams. She is the key.

Rosaleen is a London based actress with experience in short films, theatre and still shoots. She is interested in working on both alternative and experimental pieces as well as more established, conventional projects.

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Paul Hughes plays the Talkshow Host, a dynamic, cheerful and distrusting TV presenter who interrogates Jack. "How did you do it?"

Discovered acting late in life and has since established a successful new career. From theatre in Chekhov’s "The Seagull" to television programmes in Japan (Megaten) and Worldwide with "Mafias Greatest Hits", feature film distributed deals in Brazil and Venezuela with "London Latino", appearing alongside Emmy award winner Wil Johnson in M.O.N.E.Y, plus the launch of "The Hunted" at Cannes in 2013 followed by playing Tom Baker in the BBC campaign for "50 Years of Dr Who".

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All the Crew

Yone Santana

Justin Lee
Monica Verdú

Jenny Wan
Daniel Barker

Siwan Hill

Rowena Cumner

Justin Lee

Joe Fletcher

Luke Richards
Juan Francisco Manzano Ramos

Paul Chandler

Ivan Girard

Jon Ossit

Francesco Ricciardelli

Andrew Pinson
Giorgia Pulvirenti
Monica Verdú



All these people made the movie possible thanks to their generous donations. A really big thank you to all of them.

Executive Producers

Nick Lambert 
Craig Taylor Brown
Rod Meek 
Andy Piper
Justin Lee
Kim Johnston



Boris Kozlov
Charela Díaz
Elisabet Fernández Pujalte
Eva María Gascó Cuesta
Fran Casanova
Francesc Gascó
Ian Coomber
María Jover
Michelle O'Toole
Nicolas Darques
Paul chandler
Philippe Gaulier
Pilar Diez Fernández
Rhys Fowler
Seto KonowaSophie Budden
Vijay Varman